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Thursday, March 3, 2011

"As far as consistency of thought goes, I prefer inconsistency."

Chance Project Part 2
Throughout the second part of our chance project, members of our class were randomly teamed up with each other in order to execute our own version of their chance project. My partner, Michael Nardo, designed a way to use chance in order to develop a song using Mario Paint Composer.

Using the random integer generator to determine the tempo, I obtained ten random numbers from ninety-eight to one thousand and was then asked to find the average, which turned out to be 537.

Then, it was time to determine how many notes there would be in the entire composition. Using the random integer generator again, I received ten random numbers from fifty to one hundred and found the average to be sixty-eight. 

Michael had numbered the nineteen sounds (X) and the sixteen notes (Y) already to make it easier to execute.

I had the random integer generator create sixty-eight numbers from one to nineteen (representing the sounds or X)

I then had the random integer generator create sixty-eight numbers from one to sixteen (representing the notes or Y)

He decided that he wanted this system to be repeated a second time so that two sounds would play at the same time.

When the X and Y coordinates were combined for both sequences, it looked like this:

Once the sounds and notes were plugged in and the tempo was set to the previously determined 537, this is the song that was created:

You can listen to Michael's finished project by clicking here.

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